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Women's Financial Guidance

Women share many common financial concerns with men. However, they also face unique challenges—particularly where retirement income planning is concerned—posed by longer life expectancies (longevity), lower average pay than their male counterparts and a greater potential to take time out of work or careers to care for family members. These circumstances can quickly add up to a shortfall in retirement savings, putting you at risk for outliving your income in retirement.

Today, a greater number of women participate in or make important financial decisions for their families. However, when unexpected circumstances occur, like divorce or widowhood, women often find themselves the sole financial decision-maker for the first time in their lives. Not having a trusted spouse or partner to bounce ideas or decisions off of can be disconcerting, and in many cases overwhelming.

Confidential, Objective, Compassionate Guidance

At Fulcrum Financial Group, we specialize in helping women take control of their financial futures and make clear, confident decisions. Whether you are seeking help with financial planning due to a pending or recent divorce, want to protect assets for your children when entering a second marriage, or need assistance in managing finances and investments following the death of a spouse, we can provide confidential, objective and compassionate guidance.

We have experience helping women work through these and other circumstances to pursue financial independence:

  • Suddenly single
  • Divorce planning
  • Second marriages
  • Long-term care strategies
  • Social Security benefits