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My New Year's Resolutions

| January 09, 2019
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According to a recent Fidelity Investments survey, nearly one-third of Americans are planning on making a money resolution for 2019 – including saving more, paying down debt and spending less. I like to think that we, as financial advisors, help to play a key role in assisting our clients to reach those financial goals, whether that is at the beginning of the new year or not.

It seems that no matter if clients have $1 or $1 million dollars in their accounts, many of their financial goals remain the same. One of our most important priorities is to work with clients to create strategies for confidence and emotional comfort about their money. This emotional comfort remains throughout the spikes and the dips in the market, so that we can be the ones worrying, not our clients! We also stress the importance of maintaining good health to our clients, and creating resources for them so that we can continue to assist them long into their lives. Also, although debt is at times inevitable, we work to teach our clients to have a healthy relationship with debt – and ideally, working to eliminate it completely from their liabilities. These goals all help to create a comprehensive financial plan so that our clients can live their best lives.

In regards to my financial services firm, it is also important that I contribute any way to help my team be the happiest and tenacious unit ever. After all, we often see each other more than we do our own family and a friend, so cultivating a healthy professional work environment is paramount. I want my employees to want to stay in the business and industry for a long time, so often that means being flexible enough to allow employees to participate in the important events of their lives. I work to be an example of service myself so that I can inspire my team to nurture their own service heart and work towards being a positive influence for others. In our day-to-day, I do my best to embolden my employees to be curious and outstanding problem solvers, and let them make their own choices when that is possible. If they have an area of the industry they would like to explore, I encourage them to grow in their knowledge and help invest in their education. Every day as an advisor is so different, with so much changing each year, so maintaining a tight-knit team that is loyal, dependable, efficient and FUN is incredibly important to the success of a firm.

As 2018 winds down, I feel that 2019 is already shaping up to be a powerful and productive year! I can’t wait to see what is in store for everyone in the Fulcrum Financial Group family.

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