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Is Your FOMO Costing You Your MOJO?

| March 28, 2019
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Is your FOMO costing you your MOJO?

FOMO = Fear of Missing out

MOJO = magic power


Is your Fear of Missing out costing you your personal power? 

Are you spending too much time checking out and comparing yourself to other people on line?

Is your FOMO zapping the resources out of your financial life?

You are not alone. Your FOMO is stealing your MOJO.

I like to think of your mojo as your “special sauce” – it is what motivates you and keeps you on the track of happiness by pursuing what matters the most to you. This can be your family, your career, your passion or your talents. You know you are in the mojo zone when what you are doing gives you energy, versus sucking the life and joy out of you.  Financially spending your money on quality family experiences can help to build up your MOJO, whereas an impulse going into debt to buy or leasing  of a new car that you then regret, can drain your MOJO.

However, sometimes in the pursuit of our mojo, we look to others for inspiration or motivation. This is perfectly normal human behavior, as inspiration comes in all forms – sometimes from our friends, people we see on social media, or the strangers we encounter. When it comes to FOMO vs. MOJO, FOMO is the part of you that sees success as a threat, which can create feelings of insecurity or jealousness. On the other hand, MOJO is being able to acknowledge others’ hard work, dedication and success, and being able to use that as personal fuel for a better you.

So, what do you need to build up your MOJO and avoid the FOMO?

  1. STOP! Start by limiting your screen time and even taking a break all together from social media. Just say no to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or whatever the latest social app is that you tend to explore when you are feeling bored or lonely. Use it as an excuse to commit to being in the present moment.
  2. START! Journaling is a wonderful way to reveal your emotions to yourself on paper. It is proven the gesture of writing something has more therapeutic benefits for cognitive development.  The simple act of writing versus typing your thoughts will allow you to avoid having your personal insecurities in a permanent, electronic form.  And, old school writing in a journal can allow you to destroy any idea or written thought that no longer supports your higher good.
  3. START! Get moving, get walking, or do anything physical – not only will it increase your brain activity, but it will release brain chemicals like dopamine that help elevate your mood. Exercise helps you to feel better about yourself, get perspective, and create productive and positive thoughts that can help get you to your goal.
  4. STOP! Stop trying to keep up with the Jones. It is a futile effort, and despite what your brain may tell you, that new handbag or car is not going to buy you happiness.  It will give a fleeting moment of joy that will be quickly followed by surprise when that bill comes due. Your self-esteem is worth more than your spending to fill that void.  You will appreciate the new car, or larger house, if you can make it happen without going into debt.
  5. START! Delayed gratification is so undervalued. There is so much personal power in saving for a new item and then having the option of buying it, versus impulse buying and then later finding out that you regret the purchase, or another option would have been wiser.
  6. START! Less is more.  Get rid of the stuff. I highly recommend practicing the technique of figuring out if something is truly serving you and giving you Joy.  If it is not, release it, and someone else will be able to see its value and give it a new, more appreciated life.  
  7. STOP! Stop feeling guilty about storing grandma’s stuff.  If you don’t love it, give it away.  Maybe another family member wants grandma’s rocker. If you don’t, charity will gladly take it.  Repurposing something will allow it to add value to someone else instead of taking up precious emotional energy and physical energy to keep it.
  8. START! Practicing gratitude! Be thankful for your personal courage to start paying attention to your thoughts and where they gravitate towards.

They say that when you think about a yellow car, you start to see yellow cars everywhere. If you spend more time thinking about how you want to spend your life, opportunity will come your way. Your thoughts have power, so why not spend more of your time focusing on doing what you love?  You are in control of your FOMO and you MOJO; you decide if you want to be build up or if you want to be drained.

Life is too magical to waste.  You can always accumulate more money and stuff, but you can’t create more time. Use it wisely.

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